Buckingham-Virginia Slate

Technical Data for Buckingham-Virginia Slate

Property Test Method Value
Classification macroscope / microscope blue-black, micaceous, fine grain slate
Absorption ASTM C121 0.104%
Bulk Density ASTM C97 174.4 lb/ft3
Compressive Strength ASTM C170 25,800 lb/in2
Modulus of Rupture ASTM C120 13,000 lb/in2
Modulus of Elasticity ASTM C120, IITRI 7,014,000 lb/in2
Toughness IITRI 56 in-lb/in2
Flat Slab Strength RP 477 4840 lb load
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ASTM E228 0.0000062 in/in/°F
Coefficient of Friction IITRI
Natural Cleft:


0.73 0.69


0.73 0.69
Sand Rubbed:


0.78 0.74


0.80 0.74
Abrasive Resistance ASTM C241 13.2 Ha 5-6 nonn’s
Fire Resistance IITRI 1800°F bloat non-combustable
Acid Resistance ASTM C217 0.0018 in
Weather Resistance ASTM C215 IITRI 29% modulus loss-10% strength loss
Durability RP 477 0.004% weight loss-10% strength loss
Life Expectancy observation of existing structures no visible deterioration or fading apparent

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