Fieldstone Center services businesses and residents needing stone supplies and masonry materials across the Southeastern United States. Choose from a large variety of stone online or in person at our masonry supply center in Covington, GA.

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The Southeastern United States

Fieldstone Center, Inc. has been making dreams come true since 1971. Our knowledgeable, creative and service minded staff will provide you with quality stone and masonry products designed for every project need.

Stone Supplies and Masonry Supplies from Field Stone Center Inc. in Covington, GA.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our knowledgeable associates are trained to provide a unique approach to meeting your needs.

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Quality & Value

It is our mission to supply quality products that are functional and beautiful.

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Dedication to service

Fieldstone Center, Inc. has provided superior natural stone products to the building industry since 1949.

Arial FS

large selection

Flagstone, fieldstone, and other building stone products to fabricated stone products, and more.

Ideas, Inspiration, and Creativity

We provide consulting for professionals and homeowners. From stone aggregates and manufactured stone, to landscaping supplies including mulch, Fieldstone Center can supply all of your stone needs for any home or construction project. Our team can even fabricate stone to your specifications.

Stone & Masonry supplies
from Our stone yard

Our online catalog showcases a majority of our masonry stone, but if you want to fully experience the texture, weight, and practicality of our products, please visit us at our stone yard in Covington, GA.

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