3 Stone Patio Surface Ideas for Your Residence

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cobblestone patioIf you are coming home and looking at a plain, concrete pad or boring back yard, you might be thinking how awesome it would be to have your own stone patio. Stone is long-lasting and beautiful. It is hard, durable and low maintenance. But selecting the stone that works best for your area might not be as easy as you think. Different types of stone work better for different areas.

There are a number of possibilities for using stone in surfacing an outdoor patio. The design and materials used in that design are important for the area’s setting and style. Besides design, you want to consider the size of the area you are working with and the function of the stone. And you don’t have to limit yourself with only one type of stone.

Here are 3 patio surface ideas:

A Flagstone Pool Patio

Your pool area is where everyone congregates. Flagstone is both an elegant and casual option for a pool area. It has rich earth-toned colors and textures. Lay down rectangular cuts in a stacked, basket weave, herringbone, or other arranged pattern for a sophisticated atmosphere. Choose a random pattern or use irregular shapes for a more casual atmosphere.

Homeowners love flagstone around pools because it is practical for both small and large areas. It is cut flat to make it ideal for patio surfaces. It is especially ideal around areas that get wet regularly because it has a natural non-slip surface. Besides resisting moisture, it resists heat and can withstand constant use.

A Cobblestone Garden Patio

Granite cobblestones give a quaint, historic feel to an area, making them wonderful for smaller garden patios. When laid down for your surface, cobblestone can make a space look larger. They are hard and don’t stain so they work well for garden patios where you have high traffic. They are non-porous so they work best in areas that are dry, such as an eating area. Rectangular in shape, the cobblestones can be laid down in a stack, herringbone, basket weave or circular fan pattern to create the look you want.

A Casual Courtyard with Aggregates

Aggregates such as pea gravel look good as a casual courtyard surface material. Add a curved path with stone aggregate leading to and from the courtyard for a cottage feel or mix in paved stepping stones to create a more prominent entrance. This is an inexpensive option for the person who doesn’t mind periodically raking the gravel. And if you mix and match pea gravel with larger pavers to make a pattern, your area will stay tidy longer. The look is quite elegant with some simple furniture pieces or a focal point such as a fountain.

Fieldstone Center has a wide selection of stone to choose from for your patio project. Call us at 770.385.7708 for more information or visit our showroom.

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