Adding Beauty to Your Patio with Stone

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flagstone poolsideAre you planning on installing a new patio or replacing a boring concrete patio with stone? The type of stone surface you choose can define the character of your patio. Your choice should depend on the purpose for the patio and the style of your landscape design. And when that choice blends well with the characteristics of your landscape, it is an investment that can add beauty and increase the value of your home.

3 Different Stones for Patio Projects


A favorite choice for homeowners, flagstone is noted for its loose grains and rough texture and admired for its color variations and limitless pattern options. It looks good on both small and large surfaces. Select uniform shapes to create a pattern or irregular cuts for a more random appearance. Color options include red, pink, orange, brown, blue, green, gold and gray. It’s easy to use because of its flat cut surface and ideal for high traffic areas because of its non-slip surface. Since water permeates through it instead of running off, it is a good choice near pools and water features.


Known for its versatility, granite cobblestones add an authentic charm to patios. Granite is nonporous so it resists staining. It requires very little maintenance. Because of its hardness, you can’t beat its durability in landscape design. The downside is it can be quite pricey so it is often more practical for smaller patios or combined with other surface materials. Mix and match black and grey colors and lay the cobblestones in a pattern to create a stunning patio design. Or add a cobblestone walkway with a patio seating area that is surrounded by gravel and plants for a natural look.


An easy choice for the do-it-yourselfer, small aggregates such as pea gravel can help transform your patio area to one reminiscent of a cottage garden or courtyard. While aggregates are easy to put down and inexpensive, more maintenance is required over time compared to most stone. This is especially true in high traffic areas where gravel can get dislodged to create a messy look. It is great for drainage but can be difficult to walk on; therefore, consider adding in some stepping stones.

Mixing Materials for Your Patio

Consider the different affects large flagstone will have on a space compared to smaller granite cobblestones or gravel. Mixing and matching two or more types of stone together can increase your possibilities. For example, use flagstone for larger areas of a patio that lead up to a more intimate area set in a pattern of cobblestones for a dramatic effect. Or add aggregates or cobblestones around the edge of a flagstone pool area for variance. Aggregates or groundcover plants can also be used to fill in spaces between flagstone or cobblestones for a relaxing lounge area.

Whether you are designing an intimate gathering place or an expansive area with a pool, choose the best quality natural stone for long-lasting beauty. Fieldstone Center has a wide selection of natural stone for your patio project. Contact us at 770.385.7708 to arrange to see our selection or for more information.

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