Masonry: The Art Creating Beautiful Work

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Masonry is the building of structures from individual units, often bound together by a workable paste that hardens, called mortar.

Masonry work can consist of veneer masonry, which is mainly for aesthetic purposes (doesn’t hold up a structure) and solid masonry, which is not attached to anything else, but can be used as a main support structure for a building. Let’s take a deeper look into both of those:  

Solid Masonry

Many historical homes are made of solid masonry, which uses several layers of brick with header bricks to hold them together. Here are the benefits:

  • Low maintenance
  • Longevity
  • Resilience
  • Supports a wide variety of roof structures

Veneer Masonry

Veneer masonry is a popular choice for home building or remodeling because it gives the appearance of a solid stone or brick wall. Masonry veneer walls have a few benefits too:

  • Similar in appearance to natural brick
  • Lower cost
  • Great insulation
  • Very lightweight

It is our mission at Fieldstone Center, Inc. to supply quality products that are functional and beautiful, yet are also green and sustainable building materials that will transcend the test of time. Our knowledgeable associates are trained to provide a unique approach to meeting your needs. Take a stroll through our gallery to view the masonry supplies we provide.

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